The bionic way of cement modification!

Our contribution for a new standard in environment-friendly road construction

Geocrete® Soil Solidification and Concrete Modification

GeoCrete® is the third stage of evolution and is the result of a consistent, market focused further development of well known soil solidification and concrete admixtures of Shamrock Geoscience Ltd.

Numerous scientific suitability tests and laboratory investigations carried out by external institutes as well as the use of GeoCrete® within a number of building projects worldwide under the most diverse geological and meteorological conditions substantiate that above all in respect of effectiveness and achieved results GeoCrete®  fulfils the individual requirements of our customers in an optimal way. GeoCrete® is a whitish powder that is composed of alkaline and alkaline-earth elements. GeoCrete® supports the cement hydration process and counteracts the negative influencing organic acids.

Transformations in the structure and the additional new formation of minerals of the cement hydration leads to an increase of the compressive strength. Besides the increase of the compressive strength, GeoCrete® supports the immobilization of harmful substances endangering the environment like heavy metals as well as organic parameters. These substances can be fixed permanently in the newly formed crystal structures. Stabilized base courses treated with cement only, usually combine high stiffness with a high risk of premature cracking. This undesirable combination was regarded as a major handicap for stabilizing. The use of GeoCrete® ST, in combination with cement, reduces the dangers of premature cracking significantly.

The unique performance of GeoCrete® product range is now also available for reinforced concrete. It’s the only cement and soil solidifier, which is certified by CE mark and fully tested product, matching EU and world standards (IAF).

  • Natural Minerals are industrial modified Special Application edible minerals used in animal feeds
  • Delivery minerals used in Pharma, Cosmetic and Fertilizer-Industry
  • Water and Gas Purification
  • Minerals are pulverized to fine mesh sizes for better reaction with pozzolana cement

How cement works:

Water + calcium silicates and aluminates hard matrix that glues soil together.

How GeoCrete® works:

  • Inhibits the action of fulvic* and carbonic acids
  • The structural changes due to formation of hexagonal shape crystal
  • Greatly increase the bonding properties due to great crystal interlocking connectivity
  • Results in higher compression strength, the static and dynamic elasticity modulus and bending tensile strength

Indian German Partnership in the field of Technology Transfer and Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation

LSR Infracon Pvt Ltd (formerly known as LSR Logistics Pvt Ltd) is the exclusive partner of Shamrock GeoScience Ltd for sales, project management, construction planning and construction execution with GeoCrete® on the Indian market.

Areas of use:

  • Highways, Intercity Roads, Urban Roads, Rural Roads, Agricultural Roads, Plantation Roads, Service and Access Roads, Road Rehabilitation and Pavement Recycling
  • Airport Runways, Taxiways and Apron Construction
  • Construction of Impermeable / Liquid-tight layers for Irrigation Channels, Water Reservoirs, Waste Deposits, Oil and Gas Drilling Pads, Chemical Industry, etc.
  • Foundations for Harbour Premises, Industrial Plants, Container Storage, Parking Areas, Sewage Systems, Pipelines, Wind and Solar Energy Parks, Tunnels, etc.
  • Stabilization of Embankment, Slopes, Dams, Landfills, etc.

Examples of Foundation

Performance Time:

Day 1      Stabilization of ca. 5.000 m² 
Day 2      Performance asphalt layer 
Day 3      Ready for use

Product Advantages:

  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Processing and Results
  • Ecology
  • CO2 Reduction by the application of GeoCrete®ST

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