LSR Infracon has executed various projects in extremely difficult terrains and harsh weather conditions. Some of the projects of soil stabilisation have been executed by LSR Infracon at an altitude of 17,000 ft. above sea level. The works on Phobrang–MarshimikLa- Hotspring and Hena Dungti-PP37 Roads in Project Himank in Ladakh for the Cementitious Road (CTsB and CTB) Work were executed in record time. We have also worked on Project Deepak in the state of Himachal Pradesh where we have executed projects in sensitive border areas with extremely harsh weather conditions.

However, the most challenging works executed by LSR Infracon have been in the state of Arunachal Pradesh for Project Arunank of Border Roads Organization (BRO). Three road projects in TCC Taksing and the TCC Maza have been executed in a time period of one and a half years. The formation works for these roads were executed departmentally and took more than 50 years to be completed. A fourth project was executed by LSR Infracon in the Damin – Huri sector. The climatic conditions in Arunachal Pradesh, along with the extremely marshy soil and incessant rainfall, made these works especially challenging. However, facing the challenges head-on, all the said works were executed and completed with immaculate quality.

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