About Us

About Us

LSR Infracon is an idea of constantly evolving infrastructure of today, committed to a sustainable environment. Our quest to spread effortless connectivity of roads with advancements in technology is the need of the hour. Right from impossible altitudes to sensitive areas, we thrive to take ownership of shaping a more responsible future. Founded in the year 2005, LSR Infracon has been pouring in its strengths in connecting people and empowering the country. As we are up for all challenges which come in our way, we are paving our path towards success effortlessly with the help of high-potential teams and their dedication. This reflects in the quality of the projects we deliver. Our approach is futuristic. In order to construct technology driven infrastructure, we are collaborating with all masters in the industry. With our extensive fleet of machinery, we are ready to manage challenging and demanding projects. We are all set for the future demands of society.

LSR Infracon’s substantial fleet of construction equipment includes Recyclers / Stabilizers, Excavators, Graders, Soil Compactors, Dumper Trucks, Dozers, Backhoe Loaders, Asphalt Pavers, Steel and Pneumatic-tired rollers and other machinery. Armed with passion and equipped with cutting edge technology, LSR undertakes each project with acute precision and professionalism.

Core Business

Our core business comprises connecting each individual to the rest of the nation, bringing emotions, communities, and cultures together. Our vision is to connect in order to build a better future. Impeccable Quality, Sustainability, Time Optimisation, and Economical Implementation are our major strengths. With the use of the latest technologies, as used in Germany and other developed countries, LSR Infracon is providing ever-evolving infrastructure ideas for soil stabilization. We believe in green and economical methods with techniques that lead to three times faster execution of work on the ground. So far LSR Infracon has been able to successfully execute road and infrastructure projects on the China border in Northern and Eastern India. We have made our nation proud a number of times by helping build roads to facilitate the movement of the Indian Army, thus strengthening the defense of our country.


Building trust and strength by connecting humankind. With never-ending energy and enthusiasm, striving to fulfil the nation’s large-scale key infrastructure requirements speedily and economically while taking care of the environment with the use of the latest technology.

Organisation Setup

The company is presently managed by Mr. Amit Singla, Mrs. Loveleen Dhaliwal Singla, Mr. Ashok Kumar Kataria, and Mr. Gurkanwar Singh Bedi, who are the stakeholders and directors of the company. The organization has a proper hierarchy where every decision is taken by employees having the required authority at the hierarchy level thus making the decision-making process a decentralized one. All the different departments of the company are headed by thorough professionals, which makes the day-to-day working and decision-making a seamless and efficient process.

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