ALPAVE Soil Solidification and Concrete Modification

The aspiring and prosperous India needs a functioning and efficient infrastructure to secure its economic development and social community. In a special way, this also includes the roads as a connecting element between the economic centers of the country. India has the second largest road network in the world after the USA. Maintaining this road network and adapting or expanding it to meet growing demands is an enormous effort for our nation. This effort not only requires the use of enormous monetary resources, but also the massive use of technology, manpower and building materials.

At a time when natural resources, including the raw materials used in the construction industry, are becoming increasingly limited, the sustainable use of these raw materials is one of the primary goals of our economic and responsible trade.

LSR Infracon Pvt. Ltd. faces this responsibility of sustainable and economical trade in the implementation of our construction project using the cement additive system ALPAVE.

ALPAVE is the third generation of cement additives from Shamrock GeoScience Ltd, which has over 20 years of experience in the development of innovative and high-performance products and their technical application in areas such as soil consolidation, concrete technology and contaminant immobilization.

Led by LSR Infracon Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with Shamrock GeoScience Ltd, together they are ready to take on the current challenges of building a powerful Indian infrastructure to develop tomorrow’s modern India.

For this we build on ALPAVE!

Alpave represents the third generation of cement additives developed by Shamrock GeoScience Ltd. Based on our 20 years of experience in the development of cement additive systems, Alpave serves to accelerate, control and modify the cement hydration process.

Alpave is a whitish cement additive in powder form.

Alpave accelerates cement hydration and thus generates significantly higher compressive strengths within 12 hours than all unmodified cements. In addition to the increase in compressive strength, there is a significant increase in flexural strength.

The flexural strength is important in terms of reducing shrinkage and cracking. Only if the shrinkage behavior of the stabilizer is controlled and the formation of cracks is suppressed or eliminated is the durability and weather resistance of the base layer guaranteed in all climate zones.

In this regard, Alpave has an undisputed and unique leadership position with over 4,000 construction projects carried out worldwide.

In addition to the properties described above, the control and modification of the hydration process is of crucial importance. Alpave controls and modifies the hydration process of the cement through the formation of new minerals. This leads to an increase in the characteristic cement/concrete parameters for well over 90 days. In contrast to Alpave, the hydration process of standard cements already ends after 56 days.

Alpave is the only cement additive system of its kind to be certified worldwide by the Institute for Building Materials Research (IBAC). The IBAC is an institute of the University of Excellence RWTH Aachen University. The certification allows Alpave to carry the CE mark.

CE stands for tested performance and quality in material and production, for everyone’s safety.

For this we build on ALPAVE!

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